Another great article from HBR about Self-awareness 


The most important quality of exceptional leaders….self awareness.  It’s having a  clear vision and understanding of the experience that others have while interacting with you.  Building self-awareness:

  • Requires curiosity and intelligence
  • Demands maturity and courage
  • Is a life-long pursuit

How does self-awareness impact your ability to lead?  Self-aware leaders:

  • Understand their own leadership style and its impact on others
  • Make more appropriate adjustments for situations requiring adjustments
  • Allow for honest feedback and discussion
  • Build higher levels of trust between themselves and others
  • Create a more authentic leadership style….high potentials are more likely to stick with this leadership movement.

Does this resonate with you?  Self Promotion….sometimes you gotta toot your horn! The following are comments from a recent one day executive leadership program I ran for a client focusing on self-awareness.

  • “Thank you for providing the ‘instrument of awareness’ that will hopefully result in a dramatic improvement to the cohesiveness among…

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