Along the lines of self-awareness


Last year I spent a good  month or two complaining…about everything.  Kids,work, my parents, my mother-in-law, my husband, the economy…you name it no one escaped being part of my discontent.  My friend Gretchen, had heard enough.   In the middle of one of my rants, about something that had tweaked me, she threw her hands up in the air and said, “STOP! Laura don’t you know you make your own happiness.  It isn’t dependent on someone else.”  That night I thought about what she said; sat down and wrote down all the things that irked me.  The one’s I could change were given an action plan to correct or change, the one’s I couldn’t change because they were really someone  else’s issue not mine….I scratched out and purged them from my internal disconnect file.  It really is a cathartic thing to do.

So why the unveiling here in this blog?  I stumbled across the…

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