Sales Managers… Why wouldn’t you use behavioral data (assessments) during the hiring process?

If you are responsible for hiring sales people for your organization  then you know the potential impact the right, or wrong (oh yeah), salesperson can have on your growth, profitability and company’s success.  Every add to team can either drive revenue or drive your business into the ground…which are you looking to accomplish? Forget the fact interviewing has become a mind game and the cost of turnover is staggering and your time is wasted.  Using behavioral data, not only brings some objectivity to the interviewing and selection process, it also helps you better understand:

  • If your sales candidate will prospect and bring you new business
  • How each candidate will adopt and follow your sales process
  • If they will close deals and retain good margins
  • How you can manage them for maximum results

Bottom line: Building a great sales team starts with hiring the right people


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