Culture Shift

Corporate culture is the collection of attitudes, values and goals that drive how people think, feel and act in the workplace.  Culture guides behavior and influences decisions. So when an organization moves to change its culture, through a merger or re-branding effort for instance, how does management facilitate the transition with minimal disruption?

A telltale sign of a thriving and effective culture is a high level of employee engagement.  Employee engagement is comprised of: perceived individual value, clarity and focus of work and perceived interpersonal support. According to a recent Gallop study:   in the United States, only 29% of employees reenergized and committed at work (engaged).  Even more problematic is that 54% of employees are effectively neutral and simply show up to do what is expected.  The remaining, almost 20%, are fully disengaged *.  This lack of alignment is alarming.

Using behavioral data, managers can determine the best ways to communicate new initiatives to employees to maximize understanding, buy-in and even participation. A behavioral assessment tool provides data to help managers address critical questions such as: Who will struggle with the culture change? Who will be a champion or change agent to help bring about the desired culture shift? How do we communicate to diverse groups of stakeholders?

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* Bernthal (2004) Measuring Employee Engagement.  Development Dimensions Intl


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