Valuing Quiet, Creative, Introverted People in the Workplace

I married an introvert 24 years ago.  Yes there are times when I wish he would be more verbal, easily connect with people, be able to sell an idea to his boss effectively and not be so darn analytical all the time! I bet he wishes I would just staple my lips together!   Our society has not been very kind to the introverts….especially the corporate setting.  The fascinating thing about introverts is, they see things others can’t. They think about things differently, which allows them to see issues from different angles and pick up different nuances and dynamics.  They are peel back the onion folks. These individuals are natural problem-solvers. They focus on the technical aspects of work, and cut through to the heart of the problem very quickly.

The challenge often is around communication, and it’s mostly a challenge for people who are not extroverts.  The introverts tend to be verbal minimalists, communicating on an as needed basis and when they have thoroughly thought through what they would like to present.  There is a “think to talk ” strategy going on here.  The measurement of conversation can be very aggravating for someone who needs a fair amount of give and take feedback.

Every organization needs a good balance.  Understanding your behavior and how it impacts performance  around you is critical to a team’s/organization’s success.

The article from Time Magazine titled, The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated)


2 thoughts on “Valuing Quiet, Creative, Introverted People in the Workplace

  1. I think the mistake is in thinking that introverts never speak up. They do. I once said to a boss, “Can’t I pilot something? I’m a nice, average employee.” My father was an introvert and extremely quiet and there were times he took initiative to advance his career. Also, colleagues will sometimes recognize the value on an introvert and intervene on their behalf. However, those quiet people keep the company running. They are reliable, hard-working and when the department is in jeopardy they will see you through.

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