Leadership: It’s about building a team

Beth Caldwell starts her discussion about leadership by saying, “Today’s leadership is about guiding a team, not being a boss. Cultivating a successful, supportive and collaborative team is essential for success,”  (full article).  We often have active discussions around the difference between managing vs leading in our training programs.  Some see it in a very hierarchical way, while others see it in a more functional way:





Still others define it with values: “Managers do things right and Leaders do the right things,” First Break all the Rules.

“If you are doing it for your business, it’s managing.  If you are doing it for your people, it’s leading.”

The reality is we can’t be defined as one or the other because most of us are expected to do both.   We need to move between managing and leading fluidly, at times doing  more one than the other.  Even the best leaders find some aspects of managing to be challenging.

What always comes out of these discussions are that performance driven leaders/managers do a few things really well:

•Hire the best people
•Manage, develop and fully leverage talent
•Coach and actively develop future leaders
Reflect on your own experience.  What were the overall qualities that made your best manager, your best manager?  What things did they do for you that positively impacted you and your success?

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