Motivating Employees for Long-Term Success

“Motivation is one of those things we take for granted — until it disappears….then we notice the impact a lack of motivation can have: declining productivity, careless mistakes, and workers who are bored with their jobs. Now there’s a problem that needs to be corrected.” Max Messmer, CEO, Robert Half

The whole key to motivating people is understanding what fuels their confidence 

Picture1It has been shown that people are most productive, most engaged and most motivated when they are doing work that gives them confidence.  Many managers struggle with or are simply unaware of the need to motivate and energize their people and they don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about doing it. You can never assume what motivates you, motivates someone else.

According to Inc. Magazine, “…you can boil down employee motivation to one basic ideal: finding out what your employees want and finding a way to give it to them or to enable them to earn it.

There’s a danger in using the same  motivation strategies for every individual. Not everyone perceives pressures the same way, thrives on and handles change the same way.   Using a behavioral assessment tool can help you understand  how an individual is most naturally motivated to perform, and how that same individual changes in response to the demands of the job. This information can enable managers to get the most out of their employees by motivating and communicating with them on a highly individualized basis.

In a recent training class one manager put it best, “If I as a manager better understand the people working for me, each individual’s unique motivating drive, then I can fine-tune my message to the appropriate individual.”   Home run.


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