Financial Services: Adding to the Sales Team

Talented, confident and assertive individuals are the lifeblood of investment firms looking to drive performance, sales and operational efficiency. The loss of talent to smaller, more entrepreneurial firms has caused many mid to large sized  financial institutions to take a closer look at their talent management strategy.

Fulfilling the demands of the very best requires an understanding of what motivates them. Organizations that recognize their recruitment, retention and succession planning strategies must change in order stay competitive are the ones that will survive and build a team of high performing employees.

The Role of Assessment Tools
As firms assess whether their current team have the right skills for the changing economic circumstances; more are utilizing assessment tools to facilitate better talent decisions at multiple points in the employee lifecycle, from hiring to succession to leadership development. These tools can help identify individuals with the right skills, behaviors and attitudes to move an organization forward and capture market share. Organizations utilizing this critical data will be positioned to understand better if their top players have the right qualities for today’s business environment and tomorrow’s.

Using a proven, proprietary management system known as the Predictive Index®, we help organizations in the Financial Services and Banking Industry build stronger leaders. Leaders who are capable of hiring smarter and managing more effectively. Our validated, scientific approach offers improved productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Proof of Concept

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Testimonials:  What Our Clients Say

“With The Cornerstone Group’s guidance, I have been able to bring First Hope’s hiring standards to a much higher level, and they have assisted us with profiling positions to ensure the right person is placed in the most suitable position to ensure his/her success in the Bank. Using PI at First Hope Bank has resulted in a significant cost savings because we are hiring the right employee for the job.” Sue Porter, COO, First Hope Bank

“The Cornerstone Group has been a valued partner in helping Bangor Savings to be better positioned to take advantage of market opportunities created by the meltdown of major banks. Leveraging these opportunities is much easier when you have the right people in the right seats.” John Edwards, CBO, Bangor Savings Bank

“The Cornerstone Group brings tremendous value to the table, from first-rate assessment materials to expert knowledge and experience. Their team is adept at engaging the entire organization from buy-in to follow-up. In terms of deliverables, TCG is effective at framing organizational strengths and opportunities within an intuitive and actionable customer-oriented selling framework.” V.P. Sales and Business Development, Private Wealth Management, Boston, MA


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