I Hate My Freakin’ Job!

It is never fun to be in a job you don’t enjoy, and it is especially challenging during difficult economic times.  Even worse when you are “older” (I’ll let you define the age bracket).

According to a research report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 29% of workers in the 31-to-61 age group reported being “very satisfied” with their job. The rest are either “somewhat satisfied” or not satisfied at all. Yikes! So why are people so unhappy? There might be a conflict between your interests and the duties of the position; the job might be too demanding or not demanding enough; lack of training for position; lack of job security; you may have a poor relationship with co-workers or a supervisor; you might be poorly compensated; you might be in bad or unsafe working conditions; or you’re burnt out.”

A few good articles to read, to help you focus your thoughts on where the unhappiness stuff comes from: Why You Hate Your Job (and How to Hate It Less) and Survival Skills For a Job You Detest and finally one of my favorite business writers Patrick Lencioni’s, Overcome Job Misery.


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