How Do I Get People Motivated?

My son is a cross country runner and if there ever was a sport where internal self-motivation is king…it’s this sport.  You either want to run or not.  There is no practicing per say, its just conditioning.  My hounding him to run on a Sunday is useless.

As a manager of people the same holds true.  Whether you are a leader, manager, or supervisor, the key to motivating employees is to understand what drives them. Everyone is motivated differently.  Managing people based on what jazzes you to perform best is not the game strategy to take.  So there is a real vulnerability in using the same communication and motivation strategies for every individual. Not everyone perceives pressures the same way, and not everyone is alike in the way they handle change.

As Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International, writes in Motivating Employees for Dummies, “motivation is one of those things we take for granted — until it disappears. Then we notice the impact a lack of motivation can have: declining productivity, careless mistakes, and workers who are bored with their jobs. Now there’s a problem that needs to be corrected.”

Employee assessments (like Predictive Index) can provide you with the insight to lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction throughout your organization. The information collected from assessments provides seniors leaders leaders with perspective and key insight into the natural behavioral drives of people.  The results enable managers to get the most out of their employees by motivating and communicating with them on a highly individualized basis.


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