How Does Your Behavior Impact Performance on Your Team?

rj1_lead_t658“Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.”   Drs. Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, Emotional intelligence 2.0

Management behavior affects productivity and a host of other aspects of work.  How does your behavior impact others around you (morale, communication) and more specifically how does your behavior impact performance?

“Good bosses don’t just get more from their people and do it in more civilized ways; they attract and keep better people. If you think your employees are deadbeats, downers, and jerks, look in the mirror. Why don’t the best people want to work for you? Why do people who appeared to be stars when they joined your team seem to turn rotten?

Of all the skills and aspirations good bosses must have, self-awareness is probably the most important. Cornell University’s David Dunning has shown that poor performers consistently overestimate their intellectual and social skills. In contrast, the best performers accurately judge both their strengths and their flaws. Dunning’s research has crucial implications for leadership. The best and worst bosses alike suffer from overconfidence and insecurity, from weaknesses and blind spots. Such is the human condition. Yet the best bosses are keenly aware of their flaws, work to overcome them and to reverse the resulting damage, and enlist others who can compensate for their weaknesses.

The most effective bosses devote an enormous effort to understanding how their moods, quirks, skills, and actions affect their followers’ performance and humanity. They constantly make adjustments to be a bit more helpful and constructive tomorrow than they were yesterday. To be a great boss, you must constantly ask and try to answer many questions. Perhaps the most crucial is, “What does it feel like to work for me?” If your people answered this question honestly, would they say that you know the impact your words and deeds have on them—or that you are living in a fool’s paradise?” 

Read the whole article:  Why good bosses tune in to their people, by Robert I. Sutton.  Also track-back to an article about self-awareness:

How can you gain some self-awareness? Taking a look at an assessment tool, like the Predictive Index® is a great start.  Predictive Index® is a deceptively simple, yet very accurate personality profile (personality test) which helps match the right person with the right job. Although an obvious application is in the hiring and selection process, there are a number of other uses which include: team building, recruiting, reducing costly turnover, identifying and solving “people” problems, finding the right person to promote, and improving employee job satisfaction, morale and self-awareness.



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