Quick Question, Are You Concerned with Corporate Performance?

“Leadership will be a big challenge in 2014. Executives are struggling with leadership gaps at all levels—from first-line supervision through top leadership (more than 60 percent of all companies cite “leadership gaps” as their top business challenge*). This year, baby boomers will begin to retire in large volumes; one oil company told me that they expect to lose 30 percent of their workforce in the next three years.” **

Market-leading organizations are increasingly applying analytical methodologies to understand and optimize their biggest single competitive advantage – their people. According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, high-performing companies consistently rank behavior and skill assessments as most valuable in identifying high-potential employees. And 94% of best-in-class organizations leverage behavior assessments, compared to just 65% of all others.integrated talent management solutions—programs to integrate recruiting, internal mobility, leadership development, performance management, and succession planning.

If you are interested in spending a few minutes discussing your own leaderships challenges, shoot me an email and let’s connect Laura@thecornerstonegroupinc.com

*This information is based on our current research on the topic of human capital trends, the report for which is due to be published Q1’2014.  ** http://marketing.bersin.com/predictions-for-2014.html


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