Big Data Consistency

Mollie Lombardi , Vice President, Principal Analyst for Human Capital Management at Aberdeen, starts her white paper on 2014 Assessments: Consistency is Key, with the following:

“Assessments have become more widely adopted, organizations are finding them extremely valuable in helping to evaluate the performance and potential of candidates and employees, but they must continue to use them more consistently to see the biggest return on their assessment investment.”Financial-Transparency

Consistency is key! Post-hire usage of assessment data is minimal.  Often times the information is parked in the employees folder.  When working with clients I try to drive home the importance of using talent analytics  past the hire stage and encourage their using information throughout the employee life-cycle.  This si the case, whether it is strengthening the first-line leaders skill set (who by the way have the greatest single impact on employee engagement and retention) or working with the  High-Potential leader (who needs careful attention to ensure they have the capabilities necessary to sustain and drive your organization’s success and execute). 

For organizations to be successful in today’s competitive environment, they must have the very best people leading and motivating employees at all levels of the organization. However, organizational leadership that motivates and drives staff performance does not happen by accident; it requires knowing how to identify and develop top talent into leaders of today, and tomorrow. 

When used right an assessment tool can be a powerful method for organizations to build and sustain a talent pipeline that will drive and execute your  business strategy. 



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