3 Disciplines of Great Hiring Managers

Every person you hire either strengthens or weakens the team. There are no neutral hires!

leader-blue4-1940x900_29456I was recently reflecting upon 2014 many thoughts and emotions crossed my mind. It was our firm’s biggest growth year with over forty percent increase in revenue. More importantly, we significantly improved our value proposition to clients by deepening our solutions, improving our delivery, and enhancing client support. Although at times it was exhausting, it was incredibly exhilarating to see our firm move forward and continue to evolve.

In the end, my strongest emotion was gratitude. Not for the growth of our business but for the great team of people at Cornerstone. The feeling of gratitude and pride made me think about those emotions that leaders have when they know they have the right team in place. The sense of confidence that comes with having the right people in the right seats and who are committed to team success. It also made me think about what I’ve learned from clients and how the best leaders build great teams. When thinking about this one thing really stands out. Great leaders hire great people.

While hiring great people sounds like a simple concept it is clearly not easy. Some would say that certain leaders have a knack for making excellent hires, others might say that they got lucky when they hired so and so. My observation is that great hires are more a function of discipline and if we all followed these three simple disciplines we would all make better hires.  Read More: Cornerstone Whitepaper_THE THREE DISCIPLINES OF GREAT HIRING MANAGERS-CCv1, By Steve Cundall


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