Creating an Award-winning Sales and Customer Focused Culture


Since 1895, Centier Bank has been a family-owned and managed financial services provider with 45 branch locations serving more than 22 communities in northern Indiana, with more than 650 associates and $2.2 billion in assets.


  • For the past six years, Centier Bank has been ranked in the top 5 on the “Best Places to Work” list published by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, including a #1 ranking in 2010.
  • The bank boasts a turnover rate of 7%, which is significantly lower than both regional and state levels.
  • Associates average more than 10 years of service, an increase of 29% over the last three years.
  • Year-to-date customer services levels are at 96.25%, with teller and call center levels at 97% and 96 percent, respectively.

THE STORY Please read the full case study

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