How Emotions Make Decisions

By Dr. Travis Bradberry & Lac D. Su, M.S.

“If you can’t feel the electricity charging the atmosphere in your workplace, then you may have lost touch with your senses. Equal amounts of fear of another recession and hope for a brighter future have come together as an emotional storm.

Emotions matter immensely. We collected a sample of 716 leaders in virtually every kind of organization, from hospitals to banks and churches to casinos. Measuring these leaders with the 360o RefinedTM leadership assessment, we discovered that nearly 70% of those leaders whom their peers, direct reports, and board members rated highly in emotional intelligence (EQ) also ranked among the most skilled decision makers. In contrast, guess how many of those with a poor grasp of their own emotions ranked among the top echelon of decision makers? Zero. In fact, 69% of low EQ leaders also ranked in the bottom 15% of decision makers.” Read More.

Understanding self and how our own behavior impacts other around us is a critical skill needed as you advance in an organization. We work with leadership teams who are interested in understanding better their own behavioral DNA that impacts their self and social-awareness.  Whether its through our behavioral assessment Predictive Index or using a comprehensive leadership 360° feedback test with emotional intelligence.


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