You Are A Pain In The Kazoo!


“Personality clashes—not disagreements about religion, politics or other hot-button issues—are the No. 1 cause of workplace conflict, according to a new survey, which also found that more than one-third of employees have no formal way to complain about discord with colleagues. “

“In the end it’s management’s responsibility to prevent a hostile working environment and to coach or redirect people to resolve conflicts,” said Dean Debnam, CEO of Workplace Options, which commissioned the telephone survey of 509 workers Aug. 9-12, 2013. “If you just say, ‘You guys work it out,’ you’re going to have an internal mess, and the tension will infect everyone.”

So starts the article Personality Clashes Cause Most Workplace Discord, By Dana Wilkie, managing/online editor, for SHRM (

Ask most managers where they spend most of their, so-called, non-productive time, and most will answer: “Dealing with people issues!”
Differences and disagreements are a natural part of working…

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