Flat and Lean

I am wrapping up end of year business development so next year is teed up nicely and  I followed through on a recent referral from a client and had a great conversation with the head of Human Resources about her talent acquisition strategy.  Here’s how it went down.

Jan said, ” We run lean and flat here. So the people that work here have to be able to juggle a lot.  A tool like Predictive Index isn’t needed.  We just aren’t hiring.”

Hmm. “Understood. So how do you assess whether the people you have on board now are effectively juggling and wearing multiple hats.”

“Well if they can’t, then they don’t last.”   Okay…digging here…

“A tool like  Predictive Index would help you asses upfront if the person you are looking to hire aligns with your business needs and strategy before they start, not after.  Makes doing business much more efficient. It also helps you understand your existing employees and their capabilities: strengths, challenges and needs.  Maybe even why they aren’t getting it done now.”

As a talent tool Predictive Index helps running lean more efficient. It provides incredible insight into the motivators behind your people. If you are running lean, you better be running with the right runners.

Lean/flat run organizations rely heavily on individuals that can handle the ability to pivot and change with priorities, be open and collaborative and creative, make decisions on their own confidently.  It’s about individual execution and being responsible for multiple functions.  What happens when your organization had people that cannot do this?  How will you grow?  What if you have the wrong people on your team? Then you end up hiring new people to augment what could not be done, so in fact you do end up hiring.

Aligning Talent with Strategy = Results 

Finally, lean operations need people who are emotional intelligent, recognizing how their behavior influences others and have a strong set of relationship management skills. This enables them to work in  a more collaborative fashion.  And when I say collaborative I don’t mean acquiescing to others I mean having some healthy give and take in conversations and challenging people to be their best but remembering the success of the endeavor is the organization’s not always their personal high-five.

Something to chew on for next year, right Jan?  

Wishing all a great end of year


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