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Leadership and Performance: The CEO’s Perspective 

A full 40% of CEOs reported that they were “not satisfied” or only “somewhat satisfied” with their senior leadership team’s execution of business strategy. The strongest driver of satisfaction was the number of senior managers who executed at a high level over the past two years, thus indicating that inconsistency among the team had negatively affected performance. Read More

Managing the Challenges of the New Virtual Workforce

A company’s workforce has always been its most valuable asset and normally its biggest expense. Attracting and retaining the right talent continues to be a foremost concern for managers. Today, however, many workforces operate in a virtual environment. The proliferation of the virtual team has had a significant impact on managers, who must reconsider traditional management strategies on how to meet the unique challenges (how to communicate and collaborate effectively, for example) in light of the characteristics of remote teams, whose members live in different time zones, rarely or never see one another in person, and communicate primarily via electronic mediums. This white paper explores some of the major trends that are contributing to the rise of the virtual workforce, examines some of the main challenges related to remote team management, and outlines the key principles that will help managers achieve success with virtual teams. Virtual Workforce whitepaperFINAL[1]

Overcome the Talent Shortage with Strategic Workforce Planning: How behavioral assessment data drives long-term business success

More than one-third of companies are struggling to attract the skilled workers they need to drive long-term business results. Faced with this growing talent shortage, companies need to have a workforce plan that directly supports the organization’s strategic intent. While resource-focused companies develop plans that emphasize headcount projections and associated costs alone, talent-focused companies go further by using workforce analytics to ensure job-fit for workers and to optimize individual development and team dynamics. These Best-in-Class organizations are benefiting from higher levels of employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention. They recognize that having “the right person in the right job, at the right time and at the right cost,” now requires having the right assessment and analytics. Behavioral assessments are proving so valuable that today, 92 percent of companies report using assessment data to improve workplace performance, according to the Aberdeen Research Group.  Whitepaper” StrategicWorkforce_FINAL

The Emerging Sales Professional

It has never been more difficult for sales organizations/professionals to achieve their goals. Pinpointing where salespeople are struggling has forever been a challenge….one we were interested in understanding better.  In preparation for a large sales management program which focused on the: strategies, skills and disciplines necessary for today’s sales professional to succeed, we fired off a quick survey to 40 of our clients. Concentrating on the corporate sales leaders (CEO’s, Presidents or VP of Sales).  What we found was the biggest struggle resides in a salespersons business development strategies and the skill set (or lack thereof) surrounding the ability to execute a sound business development process. Download the full whitepaper:



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