Hot Damn Testimonials

“For the past two years we have used the Predictive Index® tool and Laura Caton’s consult to help us understand and identify individual traits (communication style, team work style and ability to handle stress) with our leadership, nurses, schedulers and support team. Bringing together teams from all of our facilities in small debrief sessions, has helped all of us appreciate each person’s approach to their job and gain a deeper understanding of how to motivate and impact their performances.” Barbara J Oswalt Human Resources Manager VNA of Cape Cod Healthcare

“Laura Caton is a valuable strategic business partner that has added tremendous assistance to helping our organization understand the PI & Pro as more than just a recruiting tool. She has provided our team with an in depth understanding of how to utilize the results as a management and retention tool. Her ability to synthesize the PI & Pro information and to provide us with real time feedback has helped greatly improve our recruiting, retention and management of staff. Laura’s upbeat and optimistic attitude facilitates positive and productive dialogue during training.”

“The Predictive Index has positively transformed the way in which Saint Martin operates as a school, as a business and as a community. The intense two day training led by Laura Caton of the Cornerstone Group provided a deep understanding of how the Predictive Index works and how it can be effectively implemented in our own organizations. Through the awareness of one’s behavioral drives and motivations supervisors and colleagues develop more effective lines of communication.  Specifically, we have used the Predictive Index to write our Principal job description and to pair our new faculty with their peer mentor.  The Predictive Index has allowed our Leadership Team to purposefully place the school on the road to success.”

“The best way I could describe Laura is “SHE GETS IT”. No matter what you are trying to do, she can help you formulate what that might be, how it will look, execute it and then follow up to make sure it took hold. I worked closely with Laura on three projects during my 18 months at IWP. Both of them have had significant impact on the organization. One we figured out how to hire the best people across the company for different roles and the other allowed us to evaluate what skills our people needed and then we with Laura’s help delivered the training. The best thing about Laura is when you look at your ROI, her services are free. What I mean is that you will get every penny you spend back ten times over in results.”

How would you answer the following: “The greatest single benefit that I derived from the PI Management workshop is….”

  • Better understanding of  my team and their needs.
  • Realizing how people respond to certain situations is mainly driven by their behaviors and not necessarily by their ability to perform the job.
  • Better understanding of how to use the behavioral data. As a Manager I feel I can implement a better coaching approach using the feedback from the PI.
  • How to understand the drives and what can be altered and how to work around them.
  • Understanding what motivates different employees.
  • A better ability to understand my teams’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understanding my own PI and how I need to adjust my coaching/managing strategies to get the most out of my team
  • A better understanding of how to utilize both someone’s strengths and weaknesses to an advantage. A great tool at understanding how to help someone become as successful as possible.

Predictive Index Workshop Feedback

“The greatest single benefit that I derived from this workshop, would be a significantly better understanding of the PI survey. I believe it will not only help me choose the right person for the right job, but it will also help me to understand how I need to communicate to others.”

“No matter what your skill and expereince level is with PI, a talented expert like Laura can make the PI training a meaningful experience for each participant. I have experienced PI training with other consultant/educators and the experience was less fulfilling and engaging by far.” September 2012

“Anyone who can get through to our fearless leader and earn his respect has to be top notch!” May 2012

“At first, I was skeptical of the methodology, but the results are indisputable. PI feels very realistic, down-to-earth and tailored to individuals in all levels of the company. Very illuminating……..” May 2012

“It is very easy for me to get bored in a training/workshop, especially one’s that are all day but I felt that the mix of material and on hands activities kept me engaged the entire time.” March 2012

“Wow! Laura was amazing! You can easily tell that she knew what she was talking about and had PI’s down. She gave off great energy and was very organized in her materials and presentations.” March 2012

“I thought the workshop was great. I had a wonderful experience and I enjoyed the material as well as Laura was an amazing presenter. I also value that she made the point she is available to spend time with us over the phone if there is anything else we would like to go over.” March 2012

“Laura was great! She had a lot of great insight and did a really good job keeping our attention. She knew her stuff!” February 2012

Predictive Index Consulting

“…..Not only is Laura an expert in her field, but more importantly, she possesses the characteristics and attributes that any professional executive would hope to find in a collaborative partnership. Her reliability, data analysis, candor and no-nonsense approach to communication is appreciated and valued. It’s good to know that her skills and expertise are always available to me!”

“I have worked with Laura for the past year and a half with all things Predictive Index for our association. In that time she has become a trusted advisor (which is no small task as my PI indicates I am highly skeptical!), an honest and accurate sounding board, and a somewhat of a fortune teller.  She offers thorough assessments of candidates for hire that either validate our choices or help us direct questions in a way that address potential problem areas before moving forward.  Additionally, Laura has helped us learn more about our current employees through their PIs by offering insightful perspective of how each of them work and what they need to be successful.  When Laura conducted Predictive Index training for our staff last year it became clear that she is a presentation/training rock star.  Laura knows her stuff and is one of the most engaging presenters I have ever seen.  She was able to motivate the audience through her approachable delivery, group interaction, and relatable explanations and examples of the work.  Our staff walked away feeling energized and motivated to use the Predictive Index with their colleagues.  I have recommended Laura to former colleagues and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is interested in adding value to their organization through the Predictive Index.” February 22, 2012

“Laura brings tremendous value to the table, from first-rate assessment materials to expert knowledge and experience. She is adept at engaging the entire organization from buy-in to follow-up. In terms of deliverables, Laura is effective at framing organizational strengths and opportunities within an intuitive and actionable customer-oriented selling framework. Highly recommended.” October 17, 2011

“Thank you for providing the ‘instrument of awareness’ that will hopefully result in a dramatic improvement to the cohesiveness among the various departments here at ATSSA.  It was truly insightful and thought-provoking.  GREAT JOB!”

“Laura is an tremendous asset!!!! Her detailed knowledge of Predictive Index is invaluable in our recruiting process. She is always available to give timely, detailed, accurate answers to any questions we may have.” July 30, 2010

“I highly recommend Laura’s Predictive Index training for managers. This was the first training class I have attended where not only was the whole class engaged, but the information was so usefull that we all spent our free time talking about the subject matter as well. She was an engaging and fun trainer. I look forward to taking classes with her in the future.” June 24, 2010

“I have worked with Laura over last 3 months for learning all about “Predictive Index ” at URMC. She is very well organized and posses excellent inter personal skills. She strives for excellent for what she do. She possesses great ability and art of guiding several people during her training for “PI”. She is excellent business consultant and trainer.” April 9, 2010

“Laura Caton of the Cornerstone Group assisted First Hope Bank with the implementation of the Predictive Index survey. This is an excellent tool to use for hiring new employees, managing existing staff, and succession planning. Laura is extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise, and has provided, and continues to provide outstanding ongoing support. With Laura’s guidance, I have been able to bring First Hope’s hiring standards to a much higher level, and she is assisting me with profiling positions to ensure the right person is placed in the most suitable position to ensure his/her success in the Bank. Laura’s assistance to First Hope Bank has resulted in a significant cost savings because we are hiring the right employee for the job.” April 5, 2010

“We have known Laura for a long time..but recently started doing business with her. She is a very bright articulate woman – who knows her subject matter and makes you feel good about your decision to do business with her. We were unfamiliar with her product. She showed us how it worked and were literally sold on it from that demonstration.

We first used her services to validate our decision to hire two new employees. We then followed up with her in terms of providing similar services with exisitng staff and helping us detemrine the best way to motivate and manage our staff.  We are PI converts I’d guess you’d say! And look forward to working with Laura as our business grows.” March 29, 2010

“Laura and the Cornerstone team have provided consistently top notch service. We have found them to provide high quality results at a tremendous value. Beyond that, Laura goes the extra mile closing the loop early morning through late at night – whatever it takes to get the job done.” March 10, 2009

“Laura is an outrageously effective business consultant who really knows her stuff. She is personable, energetic and incredibly knowledgable. I very highly recommend her.” March 16, 2011

“Laura created insightful profiles of my existing staff, helped me to build profiles for new hires, and has served as a humorous, good-natured sounding board for personnel issues within my chaotic (and sometimes kooky) office life. I not only have some new tools for managing direct reports, but have also gained useful perspective on my boss and peers. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to reach out for help in this area, but having gone along with the company ride on this one, I strongly recommend her services to busy managers.” March 16, 2011

“I brought Laura in to learn more about her company and their products/services. I had no prior knowledge of either and when we were through talking, not only did I believe that it would be a great benefit to my company, but I also took the PI Survey to learn more about myself! Laura is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about what she offers to businesses and would be a valuable asset to helping to get the most from a staff’s skill sets as well as understanding how to train them in areas they may not be as proficient in. The results will be a stronger, smarter, more focused company. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura as well as to utilize her services myself.” March 22, 2011

Customer Focused Selling Training

“Thank you so much for the excellent training. It’s not often that you attend a training where every student attending has nothing but great things to say about the day.” January 26, 2011

“In several decades of selling I’ve experienced lots of sales training. This one is the most intelligent training experience I’ve ever attended. It really conveys the idea of Consultative Sales and follows the Golden Rule of treating others the way you would want to be treated. And they did a great job of customizing it to Lexia.” January 29th, 2011

“I learned much more than I imagined with practical techniques for talking with customers and strategies that I have already begun to implement. This training is well worth a day of any sales rep’s valuable time.” January 29th, 2011

“First off, thank you very much for including Quantum Learning in last week’s Lexia sales training.  I found it to be invaluable, especially for someone who lacks a formal sales background.  I can very much relate to the customer-focused selling method, as it feels more like lessons in self awareness, communication, active listening, organization, etc …rather than pushy sales tactics.   I especially found our exercises around social styles very effective in that those are helping me identify styles in others and think about how to frame communication effectively.  Also, understanding how investigative questions can deepen communication, extract more information in a non-threatening way, and help to establish relationships was a wonderful lesson.   Last point, the effort vs. results matrix helped me identify some of my tendencies and think about ways to call on team members to help manage relationships with customers (which I very much enjoy and spend too much time doing) so that I may focus efforts more on finding and cultivating new opportunities.  My colleague and I have put many of these tools into practice already and talk of their effect.” January 29th, 2011

“The Customer-Focused Selling Approach is precise and easy to use in my everyday encounters with customers whether it is by phone or in person. Since I have a background in teaching I didn’t have as many tools as I would have liked in my sales approach. However, with the Customer-Focused Approach I now have an outline with well developed and proven strategies to use in the field. I feel more confident and secure that I know the appropriate and professional steps which should be taken when approaching new and existing customers. Thank you PI Worldwide for the opportunity to enhance my growth in sales and leadership!” January 27th, 2011


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