Mergers & Acquisitions

The Cornerstone Group partners with acquiring companies and Private Equity firms, providing pre and post-acquisition support. Our programs are designed to accelerate ownership transition and maximize opportunities for success. Our experts will help you to put the right leaders in the right seats and build better team cohesion. With the right leaders working as a cohesive team you will now have the capacity to execute your strategy and drive exceptional results.

Due Diligence Assessments

Most would agree that the key to a successful acquisition lies in the leadership team’s ability to execute on the going-forward vision and strategy.  At Cornerstone our leadership team assessment helps acquiring companies to identify and maximize the potential of each key manager, aligning their skills, values and behaviors with the right roles and responsibilities. Our assessments help to add clarity and answer questions about people, how and where they perform best, and how they will function as a team. The information provided by our assessments allow you to build stronger leadership teams, and transition new organizations quicker and more successfully. Our assessments provide:

  • Unique insights about key managers and their fit for various roles within the organization.
  • Potential red flags that may create individual or team performance issues.
  • Insights as to how leaders of acquired companies align culturally.
  • Opportunities to better leverage underutilized talent.
  • Insights into dysfunctional relationships that impede team performance.

Leadership Team Performance

Between strategy and results is execution. At Cornerstone we help you to improve execution and realize the full potential of your acquired companies. Using proven tools and training our team of experts will help you to build management teams capable of delivering on your strategy. We help you to put the right leaders in the right seats and equip them with tools to hire, develop and better utilize talent. Our unique system will help your leaders to:

  • Make better hiring decisions.
  • Promote the right people into new roles.
  • Maximize talent and minimize turnover.
  • Build a leadership pipeline to support future growth.

Change Management

In most cases acquisition is synonymous with change, sometimes dramatic change. At Cornerstone we give leaders the tools, data and analytics to drive and manage change at every level of an organization. Our human analytics provide critical insights about people and their role in change, helping you to better understand:

  • Which leaders are most capable of driving change.
  • Where in your organization you’ll find resistance to change.
  • How to build strategies for breaking down resistance and gaining acceptance and support.
  • How to build communications and prepare people for change.

Let our experienced consultants help you to drive and manage change, and achieve your desired outcomes for newly acquired companies.


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