Predictive Index®

“The Predictive Index has positively transformed the way in which Saint Martin operates as a school, as a business and as a community. The intense two day training led by Laura Caton of the Cornerstone Group provided a deep understanding of how the Predictive Index works and how it can be effectively implemented in our own organizations. Through the awareness of one’s behavioral drives and motivations supervisors and colleagues develop more effective lines of communication.  Specifically, we have used the Predictive Index to write our Principal job description and to pair our new faculty with their peer mentor.  The Predictive Index has allowed our Leadership Team to purposefully place the school on the road to success.”  Richard Clark, President of Saint Martin de Porres High School

The foundation of a successful hire is a strong job fit -finding the best fit between a person’s natural ability to do the job, the requirements of the job and the culture of the organization. Other key components of the selection process include performance criteria and specific experience, education and skills.

The Cornerstone Group’s personality assessment, the Predictive Index® (PI®) and Performance Requirement OptionTM (PRO) tool work together to provide the foundation to your selection process. Before you match a person to a job, you have to know what the job requires. The PRO gives you a road map for the position in your organization, providing insight into the behaviors and drives necessary for superior performance. Each candidate’s PI results are compared with the needs of the job, highlighting both fits and gaps to make better-informed decisions not only for selection but for coaching, employee development, succession planning and leadership development.

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